Information for Authors

Draft manuscripts for the conference are due by 15 August 2016. Accepted manuscripts will be published in a special issue of the Applied Radiation and Isotopes scientific journal titled “Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Radionuclide Metrology – Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques.”

Author Guidelines coverAuthor Guidelines

All authors must submit a draft of their full manuscript as computer files (Microsoft Word format only) via the Elsevier EVISE® system. Please review the author guidelines for more information.

Presentation Requirements

Please refer to the final agenda to find the session in which your paper will be presented. Contact the Session Chairpersons and confirm that you are available to make the presentation. You will be scheduled for a 15-minute presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion. Each speaker must stay within the time allotted for the presentation but does not necessarily have to speak for all of the allotted time. The Chairperson of your session will insist that you adhere to the published schedule.

The auditorium will be equipped with a computer installed with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and a projector for presentations. All presentations will be uploaded to the conference website. If you intend to use another program for your presentation or if your presentation includes videos with voice, we recommend that you contact the LLRMT Organizing Committee before the conference starts. A speaker ready room will be available where presenters may confirm the loaded presentation works on the conference platform.

Poster Requirements

Poster setup is scheduled for Monday morning, 26 September 2016. Each poster is identified by a unique number, which is the abstract number assigned to the paper by the LLRMT Scientific Committee. This number will also appear in the final agenda. Please place your poster on the stand labelled with the respective number.

LLRMT Poster Summary TemplateThe space available for each poster will accommodate a poster up to 46 inches (116.8 cm) by 46 inches (116.8 cm). Each poster will be introduced during the associated oral session by the Session Chairperson. Poster authors will complete the provided PowerPoint slide template and submit the slide to the Session Chairperson. The PowerPoint slide should communicate a few key statements summarizing your poster. The Session Chairperson may elect to modify the slide and the final version is the responsibility of the Session Chairperson.

Presenters are expected to accompany their poster during the break following the session in which it is introduced. Please contact the Session Chairperson and confirm that you will attend the session and be available to answer questions from the audience regarding the poster.